I'm running to be the next Missouri Representative for the 126th district. (New redistricting maps may change this to the 125th.) My positions are detailed below, and my contact information is at the bottom of this page. I welcome your feedback, and I thank you for your interest in my campaign. I humbly ask for your vote, and I pledge to always put the interests of my district first if you send me to Jeff City.

                Dennis Turner for State Representative

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About Dennis

I'm a lifelong resident of Missouri, and I'm proud of our Missouri values. The freedoms offered here have allowed me to gain a degree in Agronomy, raise cattle, raise a family, and start my own regional business. Sadly, these values are under attack by an unrelenting Left who work tirelessly to replace hard work with entitlement, equal opportunity with equal outcome, and fair elections with pre-determined "winners".  I want to go to Jeff City to protect our freedoms, our values, and our futures.



School Choice: If you have school-aged children, I believe you should be able to choose where your children attend class. I believe your tax dollars should follow your student. There are many reasons for a student to attend a different school than the district in which the student lives. I believe this will create a healthy competition for better instruction between districts and will weed out districts unwilling to improve. 


No Vaccine Mandates: Our liberty afforded to us by our creator is not subject to condition by the federal or state government.

Election Integrity: We are required to show an ID to get on an airplane, buy alcohol, renew our drivers license, and so many other things we do in everyday life. Why then, is it so distasteful for Democrats to be surprised that we would ask for identification at the polling booth? The hypocrisy is sickening. They want to enforce vaccine mandates and require you to provide your vaccine ID card but NOT an ID to vote. Why do they not want a chain of custody for ballots? Why do they want drop boxes and mail in ballots without credentials? I’ll tell you why. It leads to a system fraught with fraud. When I was younger, I remember there was one voting day and that was the only day to vote, unless you had gone to the courthouse to file an absentee ballot. I would support any legislation getting us closer to that.


Judicial Reform: First and foremost, I would like to see a State Constitutional amendment redefining how Missouri selects its’ Supreme Court Judges. The State Bar Association should not be the sole entity. We should let our elected governor and senators make these choices. The current system does not represent Missourians, it represents the attorneys of the Missouri Bar Association, who were not elected by the citizens.


States Rights: The 10th Amendment of the Constitution delineates between the State and Federal obligations. I firmly support that states govern themselves and will stand firmly against any Federal government over reaches such as vaccine mandates, federal waterways, abortions, 2nd Amendment laws, or any other regulations where the Constitution does not authorize Federal government authority.


Support Law Enforcement: My great grandfather was a sheriff, my grandfather was a police chief, and my father was an MP in the military and a police officer after the military. My support for law enforcement runs deep and unwavering.


Pro Life: Life begins at conception, period. This is not about women’s health as primarily non-licensed people are allowed to perform abortions which is a medical procedure. Each life is precious. There are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations in this nation to assist mothers that may not want or feel they can not care for a child.


Pro 2A: Our founders thought it was important enough to include into the Constitution for a reason. If we as a society are well armed any enemy foreign or domestic will hesitate before trying to invade or overthrow our Republic. I am against legislation that weakens this Amendment. The only thing bad legislation achieves is binding the hands of law abiding citizens. When has legislation that hinders our right to bear arms has stopped a criminal from violating the law? “Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” ~ Ben Franklin

Property Rights: I do not support eminent domain unless it is for public utilities. Private businesses should not be permitted to condemn and seize property for private or shareable profits. I will stand by any legislation supporting these criteria. 

Federal Waterways: Any waterway not navigable by the public or commerce should not be controlled by the Federal Government. Drainage ditches and wet weather creeks going through a farm does not warrant being controlled by the Federal Bureaucracy. We do not need the Federal government telling us how much, if any, fertilizer and pesticides we may or may not use.

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My Pledge to You

I would be honored to represent the residents of my district, I make this vow to you, the voter.

  • I will fight for the Missouri family, faith, and work values we hold dear

  • I will draw a line in the sand against federal government overreach

  • I will push for school choice that allows tax dollars to follow the child, not the building

  • I will always respect Parental Choice and will sponsor legislation for a Parents' Bill of Rights

  • I will sponsor legislation to ensure election integrity through elimination of electronic voting systems, an end to mail-in balloting and ballot drop boxes, and designation of the hand marked paper ballot as the official ballot of Missouri.

  • I will work to change the way Missouri Supreme court judges are selected, eliminating the unfair practice of having the liberal Bar Association pick the only allowed candidates.

  • I will change the way our state constitution can be modified by requiring Initiative Petition signatures be obtained in equal percentages from all thirty-for senatorial districts throughout Missouri. No more cherry picking liberal districts for the signatures needed.

  • I will work to protect Missouri farmers and to eliminate foreign countries from buying large tracts of our Missouri farmland.

Important Dates

August 2, 2022 - Primary

The first voting date that matters in this race is the primary on August 2nd. I ask for your vote.

November 8, 2022 - General Election

The second date is the General Election on November 8th. I hope you will vote for the conservative Republican on the ticket.

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Contact Dennis

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