This page is under construction, but will feature the truth about this destructive Marxist propaganda being pushed by the Left.

Critical Race Theory

Propoganda vs. Truth

From The Epoch Times:

Some key concepts in the bill, such as “equity,” “systemic racism,” and “antiracism,” are popular among advocates of CRT, an outgrowth from Marxism that views society through the lens of a race-based power struggle. Click here

Critical Race Theory is in Missouri Schools!

An important paper on Critical Race Theory (CRT), put together by "No Left Turn in Education".

Click HERE to go to their site.

Click HERE for their CRT paper.

This absurd statement was made by Mike Parson on 7/19/21. He first says CRT is not being taught, but then compliments teachers who are teaching "diversity, equity, and inclusion". Those are all buzz words for CRT! How can this man not know that?

Parson comment on CRT not being taught.jpg