Secure Missouri
Secure Missouri
Secure Missouri is a grassroots effort, led by Missouri County Chairs and their constituents, along with other conservative groups, to secure the future of our great state. Secure Missouri represents Missourians who are concerned about federal government actions that threaten our freedoms and rights. 
It is our intent to affect changes to our State laws that will ensure voter integrity and protect the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. We believe in, and promote States' Rights, as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment, and we are opposed to federal overreach. We are resolved to elect strong conservatives at the local, state, and federal levels who pledge to defend the sovereignty of our state against illegal federal mandates, rule by executive fiat, and any actions which violate the Constitution. 
This page will be used to track legislation important to our goals, and to update visitors to the page on the status of our work and our legislators' efforts.  
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Secure Missouri Goals
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Election Integrity

1. Mandate the hand marked paper ballot as the official, and only, ballot in Missouri.

 HB738 has passed the House and is now in the Senate. This is a HUGE election integrity bill.

Summary of HB738

  • Mandatory hand-marked paper ballots as the official ballot of Missouri after 1/1/22

  • No mail-in ballots

  • No ability to change the language in this bill other than by the legislature

  • Voter ID required

  • No electronic voting systems after 1/1/22 (other than for disabled individuals)

  • Requirements for securing systems, media, etc. including rules for USB drives & air-gapped machines

- "Air Gapped" means no Internet capability

  • Prohibits providing vote totals prior to all data containing votes & vote totals being secured

  • Specific provisions for absentee voting

  • Gives the SOS audit capability for voter rolls & includes penalties for non-compliance

Other election integrity bills:

SB137 (Brattin) - cleans up the voter rolls & provides a secure procedure for voting without an ID

​2. Outlaw electronic voting systems. (Dominion, Sequoia, et al.) HB738 (above), SB378

 Here is a list of the current counties using Dominion systems in the state of Missouri:

Adair, Butler, Callaway, Carroll, Carter, Gasconade, Grundy, Harrison, Jasper, Lafayette, Livingston, Maries, McDonald, Mercer, Montgomery, Newton, Osage, Pemiscot, Phelps, Pike, Polk, Saline, Warren, Wright


​3. No same day registration.

4. Eliminate open primaries. Voters must select a party affiliation, or Independent, when registering to

vote. HB26, HB90

5. Prohibit organizations from providing grants for "get out the vote initiatives". 

6. Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting.

7. Impose severe penalties for destruction of ballots, manipulation of ballot data, or voter fraud.

Protection and Support of Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

1. HB166 makes it a Class E felony to spit on a police officer

2. HB499 creates a LEO Bill of Rights.

3. SB74 adds LEOs to the list of protected classes.

4. SB66 prevent defunding of law enforcement 

SB66 (Brattin) Also provides driver immunity for protestors blocking traffic who get injured, protects emergency repsonders, and provides protections for any LEO involved in a disciplinary action.

Legislative Protection & Accountability

1. Change the process by which amendments can be added to our state constitution so that it is much harder to make changes. HB333, HJR2, HJR21, HJR22, SRJ13, SB149, SJR2, SJR11 

HB333 has been passed by the House and is in the Senate. While it does make changes to IP, it does not go far enough as it does not change the method of collecting signatures. That process currently allows for cherry picking petition friendly counties. Changes are needed that will require an equal  percentage from EVERY senatorial or legislative district.


SRJ13 is a resolution that will eliminate cherry picking signatures. Currently, an Initiative Petition (IP) only requires signatures from 8% of legal voters from 2/3 of our 8 congressional districts. SRJ13 will require the same 8%, but  from all 34 of our senatorial districts, ensuring constitutional changes really represent all areas of our state, and making it much harder for outside interest groups to damage our state constitution and thwart our legislature. (Medicaid Expansion, devastating to our state, is an example of cherry picked signatures from select congressional districts and a constitutional amendment vote that was pushed through by overwhelming votes from the Left. Since the vast majority of Missourians opposed this amendment - and it would never have made it through our legislature - it is unlikely sufficient signatures would have been obtained if all 34 senatorial districts had been needed to even get it on the ballot.)  

2. Change how judges are appointed to the MO Supreme Court by eliminating the law association panel and instead requiring confirmation by the MO Senate. SJR14

SJR14 ultimately requires a ballot vote by Missourians. Currently, the MO Bar Association chooses three candidates to fill a MO Supreme or Appellate Court seat. The governor chooses from those three. Since the majority of lawyers tend to be liberal, the picks inevitably are as well. This law would require the governor to choose a candidate of his choice, and the state Senate would hold hearings and vote to confirm (or not), much like the cabinet positions at the federal level.

3. Establish a legislative oversight committee to review all federal executive orders, agency rules, and legislation, and provide a process to declare them unconstitutional and void in Missouri if either the US Constitution or States' Rights have been violated. SB588, SB571, SB426

These bills each provide that our state legislature must review federal rules, legislation and executive orders from Occupied DC and recommend whether or not they are constitutional and therefore enforceable in Missouri.  SB588 and SB571 specifically include executive orders in the items requiring review, and also contains language that states unconstitutional legislation will not be enforced in the State of Missouri.

4. Stop the courts from rewriting ballot summary language adopted by the General Assembly.  HB 850

The bill prohibits the modification of summary statements or ballot language approved by the General Assembly for Constitutional amendments or statutory measures. Courts will not have jurisdiction to rewrite or edit such language prior to placing it on the ballot. Supporters say judges should not modify ballot language as this violates the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches. Ballot language may be reviewed as to form by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. Courts will retain power to rule on the constitutionality of ballot language, but are restricted only with regard to the remedy of substantially rewriting ballot language that is passed by the legislature. This has been a problem with our liberal courts overstepping their authority.

5. Change the Bond Rule that allows criminals to be released without bail or held as necessary.

6. Elect conservatives who pledge to fight for State's Rights & against federal overreach - including declaring a party at the local level.

Rights & Freedoms

1. Secure our second amendment rights through SAPA legislation. 

HB85 (Taylor) passed the House & is now in the Senate. SB39 (Burlison) is on the sidelines for now. Right now, HB85 as written interferes with law enforcement's ability to work with federal agents in pursuit of criminals suspected of breaking Missouri laws. Federal agents have many tools our officers can utilize to protect Missouri citizens.

Contact your senator and representative, and tell them you support adding the following sentence to 1.450: 


"Nothing in sections 1.410 through 1.480 shall be construed to prohibit Missouri officials from accepting aid from

federal officials in an effort to enforce Missouri laws. Further, Missouri officials shall retain the option of referring a case for federal prosecution if such law was a violation of Missouri law." Ask them also to strike 1.460.3. completely. 

UPDATE: There are significant amendments coming! We hope to shortly be able to announce the issues with this legislation have been resolved, and it now appears to be a strong piece of legislation that protects ALL citizens of our state, including the ones who wear a badge!


2. Create a citizen militia reporting only to the Governor. SB528

This bill would create a citizen militia that reports directly to the governor. The only ID is your name and address, you can withdraw at any point prior to being called upon to serve, any legal resident is eligible, and your weapons, ammo, uniforms, etc - all of which remain unidentified - automatically fall under the protection of the State, eliminating them from any scrutiny, confiscation, taxation, etc by the federal government.

​3. Prohibit mandatory vaccinations, including those that are covid related

4. Implement a special court that ensures candidates have standing to bring up election challenges.

5. Create a digital bill of rights.


6. Prevent foreign countries and non citizens from owning farming or commercial property in Missouri.

Bills We Oppose

SB51 & SB42 - Covid 19 "liability" bills that feel more like a "compliance or else" bills. Click HERE to view a video about these bills.

Here is why Secure Missouri is so important. The federal government is working overtime to crush our freedoms and rights. Here are just a few of the traitorous pieces of legislation being pushed out of the House and onto the Senate.


HR1 (Pelosi) - She's been trying to get this unconstitutional bill passed for years. This year, it passed the House and is sitting in the Senate. This bill would institutionalize election fraud. Mandatory mail in voting throughout the US, same day registration, no ID required, and voting AFTER election day are only a few of the extreme, unconstitutional items in this despicable legislation. If passed by the Senate, it becomes even more critical for states to secure themselves. We cannot count on the Supreme Court to have our country's back. We must take charge of our state and stop the Left's efforts to turn this country into a one party, totalitarian dictatorship.   


HR8 Requires EVERY gun transaction, with almost no exception, to go through a gun dealer, effectively creating a national registry. No more private sales, no more loaning your gun to someone. Here's an article from The Blaze:

HR1446 Extends the background check period from three days to ten! (Three days was put in legislation to stop the feds from being able to drag out the period in which you could exercise your second amendment rights. Now, they want to drag that time out even longer. Hope you didn't need that gun to protect yourself immediately....)

HR1280 The "George Floyd Policing Act" aka The "Qualified Immunity" bill, which is anything but. It would strip protections from law enforcement nation wide. Just some of what this onerous bill does: 

  • Eliminate qualified immunity for law enforcement across the nation

  • Enable prosecution of law enforcement for split second decisions

  • Change Supreme Court standards for use of deadly force

  • Create a national database where law enforcement officers complaints are placed with no privacy controls.

This page is updated as new info becomes available.

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