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Janet Arnold for State Senate

28th District

I'm a mom and a small business owner.

I'm running for state senate in the 28th district because I'm fed up with the RINO votes of the current senator, and as a conservative,

I think I can do better.

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My Story

In 1985 with no intention mind you, of staying , my family and I said goodbye to Ohio and moved to Missouri. Joe and I, along with our two children, Joe and Jolette, loaded a 1976 green Chevy pick-up decked out with a beautiful wooden box on the bed (built by my Joe) and made our journey. All that was missing was the rocking chair on top and we would have certainly been the Beverly Hillbillies. Can’t you just see it?


Joe would attend Southwest Baptist University where he would earn his Bachelor Of Science in education. He would then have a brief stint teaching 4th grade at Leonard Elementary, before moving up the ladder to 5th grade.  I could be found just a few steps away working in the office at Leonard, while doing some wall papering and painting on the side. It didn’t take long for my “side” job to become my full-time job, and for 10 years I enjoyed painting and papering for the Bolivar community. I then became a part of the Quarles Supply Company family, before earning my degree as a massage therapist. For 17 years I was able to share my sincere passion for helping people manage their pain in a positive, alternative way.


My hobbies know no limits! Ranging from remodeling vintage campers to dry wall and roofing, I LOVE working with my hands and creating! When it comes to a challenge, I enjoy demonstrating to myself and others that I can do whatever “it” may be! These skills have proven helpful on many missions’ trips, and they allow me to give back using the gifts God has given. For ultimately I know, I have  been given gifts for service that glorifies the Kingdom.


To be honest, I never paid that much attention to politics until Donald J. Trump entered the arena. I jumped on the “Trump train” right away! It was because of his presidency that my eyes were opened. Opened to the corruption and misguided handling of our government. I believe in my heart the American people were awakened. For four years President Trump revealed the neglect, the overreach, and the abuse. He gave Christians back their microphone and applauded our morals standing up for us and the unborn.   We know what happens next. Believe me when I tell you, in my heart, I know this evil goes beyond this world.


When Covid 19 hit, I felt something inside me say “ this is not right!” Fear took over allowing the media to gain trust…trust they did not earn. Trust built on lies. I was watching as fear crippled the American people. I was watching as rights were being abandoned because the fear was too much for some to bear. I could see it…the message was palatable, and the media was feeding it right to us.  


I was heart broken. I could not understand the lack of common sense. Too many holes in the science…too many parts that did not add up. I refused to give into fear. I could see through their mask.  Social distancing and separation from our loved ones was exactly what Satan wanted. When we are alone, we are more vulnerable. That is where the government found their foot hold. In our vulnerabilities.


During this time I protested. I could be found at hospitals in Springfield fighting the mandated “jab.”  How could our “hero’s” be demoted and forced out because they didn’t want to inject something experimental into their bodies? For months they served their community…cried with their community…. only to be made to feel like part of the problem in the end. This was a disgrace.


On January 23 of this year, I stood at the base of the Washington Monument with two of my dearest friends, along with 40,000 beautiful Americans. We were in the BELLY OF THE BEAST! From there, we all walked to the Lincoln Memorial chanting DEFEAT THE MANDATES!! I, Janet Arnold, knew this was the hill I would die on. It has become painfully clear to me that our government wants to destroy our country. America should remain set apart from the rest of the world, and there should be NO QUESTION where Missouri stands! I believe WE THE PEOPLE should be in control of our government!! I stand for FREEDOM!

Missouri District 28 I will fight for our freedoms! I will keep you informed as to what is going on in Jefferson City and not close my door upon taking office. I am tired of seeing politicians, of which I am not, work hard for your vote, only to shut you out and not have your back in the end. I am a proud US citizen, a proud Missourian, and a proud freedom fighter! We cannot take our freedoms for granted. Hear me… we WILL lose our God given freedoms, We WILL lose our state, we WILL lose our America if we continue to elect those who have no intention of working beyond election day.  I want to bring back common sense and fight for the values that restore God to the forefront of our daily lives! Because it is God who allows us these opportunities… the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!

My Committment to Voters

The Unborn

I also stand for the rights of the unborn! We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.  To take an innocent life inside the womb is murder…and it DOES NOT matter if it is day 1 or 281! I will fight for our children! I believe life begins at conception, and I oppose abortion.


I DO NOT agree with Critical Race Theory and feel this is more propaganda. THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE! We should teach our children to love not hate! We are seeing the dismantling of our families. CRT has no place in the classroom. Missouri does not graduate the majority of students at even a 50% proficiency in Math, Reading, and English. Our teachers and school districts need to focus on fundamentals. Taxpayers do not pay them to be self-proclaimed social justice warriors. 

Transgender Grooming

We are listening to our government push the narrative that pedophilia is a lifestyle choice…this is  ABHORRENT!! Our children are being groomed to believe transgender lifestyles are normal. They are not. These discussions do not belong in the classroom, and I will introduce legislation to ban grooming, prohibit boys in girls bathrooms and vice versa, and stop transgender participation in girls' sports.

​​First Amendment Rights

I believe in the 1st Amendment! Freedom of Speech should NEVER be censored. We may not agree, but let’s disagree under our first Amendment right! The cancel culture of the Left, the bullying of those with differing ideas, and the disrespect and doxing of anyone who doesn't agree with the Left's agenda must stop. I will not tolerate physical violence and intimidation, and in the Senate I will take steps to protect Missourians from the bullies on the Left. 

Second Amendment Rights

I practice the 2nd Amendment  by carrying! We cannot and should not give up our guns!! This is another vulnerability the government would certainly exploit. Protecting ourselves and our families was something our founding fathers knew to be important and by candlelight with the hand of God over them they wrote this into law. Missouri has strong state laws via SAPA and the Castle Doctrine. I will protect our second amendment rights against the Left and from any intrusion from the federal government.

Parental Rights

I will insist on legislation to support the rights of parents. It should be YOUR choice whether to mask you child, whether to quarantine your healthy child for being a close contact, and whether your child gets an experimental injection. It is not the decision of the school board, nor the health board, nor some random teacher. There is only one entity that should have a say about the health of your child, and that entity is YOU, the PARENT! It's time for all the other "authorities" to butt out and respect YOUR rights.

Community Rights

I will also fight to protect our communities. No more lock downs, no more picking winners and losers in businesses. How dare the government decide which businesses are "essential". They're ALL essential to the families that own them, and depend on income from them to cover debts, make the mortgage payment, and put food on the table. I will not stand for government destroying our communities and our economy for a political agenda.

Federal Overreach

I will vote to stop federal overreach into our state. Whether it's the first amendment, the second amendment, or the tenth amendment, I will draw a line around our Missouri border and support conservative efforts to say to the federal government, "Your intrusion is not wanted and will not be tolerated."

My name is Janet Arnold, and I'm running for State Senate in the 28th district.

I am YOUR RINO Hunter, and I want to be YOUR voice in Jeff City.

On August 2nd, I humbly ask for your vote.

Thank You.


Campaigns run on money. It's a simple fact. Travel, literature, ads, yard signs, etc, all cost, and this year, with our cratering economy the cost is soaring.

If you agree with my platform, if you think I can better represent your values than the person who is currently voting with Democrats 73% of the time, please consider making a donation of any amount. I thank you for your help.

- Janet Arnold

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I am always looking for opportunities to get acquainted with the people in the 28th district. If you have an event, function, or meet-and-greet in your community, I would love to come meet with your organization. Please contact me at the email address above.