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CCOM welcomes anyone who is concerned about federal overreach, believes in states' rights and the Constitution, and thinks more voices equals more power to affect change. To get involved, stay up to date on legislative issues, and learn how you can do more, we encourage you to join our email list and to check back periodically on this website.

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This is your opportunity to make your voice heard on a variety of topics. Results will be shared with all 114 Missouri GOP county chairs and Missouri legislators. Our goal is to create a united, focused effort to improve the voting record of Republicans in the General Assembly. We want conservatives who represent Missouri values. We want legislation that drives home the point that Missouri will not tolerate federal overreach, nor will we stand for RINOs in the General Assembly trading away our rights for their own gain. This is YOUR opportunity to provide valuable input, and we thank you for taking the time to share your opinions.

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Section One - Missouri Legislators

1. Would you like to see more conservative legislators at the state level ?


2. Would you support primary challenges to remove sitting Republican legislators if they have liberal voting records?


3. Are you tired of the games that get played by Senate and House leadership because it prevents the passage of important legislation?


4. Do you think it's OK for legislators to pass legislation on issues where Missourians have already said "no" to the same issue at the ballot box? (Fuel tax increase, for example)


5. Would you like our legislature to be more aggressive in standing up for Missouri values?


Section Two - Missouri Legislation

1. Do you support the fuel tax increase just passed by the Missouri Legislature?

(Missourians voted down this tax in a previous ballot box issue.)


2. Do you support mandatory vaccination?


A. Do you support vaccine passports to show proof of vacination?


3. Do you support mandatory mask requirements?


4. Please indicate which of the following you support.

A. Required Voter ID


B. End mail-in voting (separate from absentee voting)


C. Elimination of electronic voting systems


D. A return to the paper ballot as the official ballot of MO


E. Giving the Secretary of State the ability to audit county voter rolls and require errors to be corrected

(Example of errors: dead people still on the rolls, illegals registered to vote, people who have moved still being registered to vote at an old address)


5. Do you support school choice for ALL Missouri children?


6. Do you want Missouri to pass legislation to limit federal overreach into our state?


7. Would you support legislation to remove illegal immigrants from our state?


Section Three - Missouri Values

1. Do you support the teaching of Critical Race Theory?


2. Does it anger you that in many school districts parents cannot ask questions at school board meetings unless they first submit those questions in writing and get them approved by the school board?


3. Would you be upset if you found illegals were being relocated to Missouri cities and towns?


4. Do you support limiting access to our country to those entering legally?


5. Do you believe children should be attending school in person?


A. Do you support mandatory vaccination of school age or college bound children?


B. Do you believe school age children should be required to wear masks?


6. Do you support employers making covid 19 vaccination a requirement for continued employment? 


7. If you would like to add comments, please do so in the box below. You are limited to 1000 characters.

Please make sure all questions are answered & resubmit

Thank you for completing our survey!

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As of the end of the 2020 legislative session, none of these bills passsed. Senator Schatz and Senator Rowden played games rather than conduct business. Election Integrity was traded away for the Education Savings Account! Both are important bills, yet with a super majority on both sides of the isle, we traded away election security for Missourians. Theses two need to be removed from leadership before the next session begins.

Election Integrity, HB738, passed the House, currently in the Senate. This bill has just about everything. Hand marked paper ballots, elimination of electronic voting systems as of 1/1/22, no more mail in ballots, voter ID, absentee balloting, both pre-2021 rules and a three week "no excuse" but only with valid picture ID, and SOS voter role enforcement ability to both audit county voting records and withhold funds if non-compliance is not corrected (dead vote, voters who have moved, invalid addresses, etc.)


Civilian Minutemen Militia: SB528, currently sitting in the General Laws committee (needs emails and phone calls to the chair of that committee, Senator Ed Eigel). Senator Eigel's contact info:

(573) 751-1141, Email Address (Be respectful, but make it clear you want this bill out of committee, and passed.) This bill creates a citizen militia reporting only to the governor. Anyone who is eligible to purchase a firearm is eligible to sign up. Name and address are the only information obtained. Militia members immediately have protection from federal confiscation or taxation of firearms, ammunition, and accessories because any of these items (which are never acknowledged, known, or disclosed to anyone) become the "property of the state". You can withdraw from the militia at any point prior to being called to service.

Initiative Petitions - SJR2, about to pass in the Senate (as of 4/6/21), and then on to the House. It changes the ease with which our constitution can be amended which eliminates outside money and interests from bypassing our legislature, cherry picking liberal counties to obtain signatures, and leaving the rest of Missouri out of the process. 

We encourage Concerned Citizens to contact state legislators through emails, phone calls, rallies, and periodic visits to their offices for one-on-one discussions.

Useful links for Missouri legislation:

Secure Missouri legislation: click HERE

Information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and office suite numbers:

Senate, click HERE

House, click HERE

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