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American Socialist Party
(Formerly the Democrat Party)

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere."  - Voltaire

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The Marxist Left Party
(Formerly The Democrat Party)
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America’s regressive “woke” Left’s hideous ideology amounts to little more than Communist dogma, with the Trojan horse substitution of racial divisions for class struggle. Like their Chicom mentors, these Amcoms’ goal remains the same: the transmogrification of the world’s beacon and preeminent defender of freedom into a totalitarian socialist cesspool. 

- American Greatness, read the full article HERE 

Goals of the Coup

When every liberal idea is a "right", when everything liberals want becomes a "right", then those rights are owned by the government, and you no longer have ANY rights. - unknown

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire

 “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.” - various attributions

Goals of the Left

Totalitarian Government 

Destroy our country, make the average American dependent on the government, destroy our two party system, and implement one party rule. 

Their Steps to Accomplishing Their Goal:

- Pack the Supreme Court

- Forcibly confiscate your guns

- Eliminate the Electoral College

​- Eliminate the filibuster

- Make DC & Puerto Rico states

- Flood the Southern Border with illegals

- Give citizenship to millions of illegals 

Democrat video
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Gun Grab
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Liberals Want To Grab Your Guns

But, Who Will Do the Grabbing

This is a MUST READ Article

 - From American Thinker

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Freedom Is gone
The Left's Totalitarian Government Is Already Descending On Us!
Free Speech is already being trampled
YOUR freedoms will continue to erode under a Socialist America
We will be adding important updates on the danger to American citizens who
dare to disagree with the Soros Funded Left now taking over our country.
What can YOU do? Visit our page called & join the fight!
You can also join
Grassroots activism is only possible when people get involved
Uncle Touchy
We'll Never Let Them Forget They Put Uncle Touchy In Control Of Our Country
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VP Contestants
And That Brings Us to the VP 
That's What Identity Politics Gets You: Race and Gender Over Competence & Merit
Remember, in the Primary, she didn't get even ONE vote. 
She dropped out before the first voter test!
The angry, Soros backed candidate with nothing to offer could be our next president!

Kamila Harris

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Democrat Agenda
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The American Communist (AmCom) Agenda Will Destroy Our Economy

– Excerpts from an article by Adriana Cohen, Boston Harold


Remember, we did NOT vote for this radical agenda. The 2020 election was STOLEN BY RADICAL LEFT FORCES.

Whether or not these bills pass the Senate, remember, THIS is what the Left is trying to do to YOUR rights & freedoms.


HR1, Election Theft - The radical bill Pelosi has been trying to get passed for YEARS. How is her chance. If it also passes the Senate it will institutionalize fraudulent elections. Click HERE for a review by Heritage Foundation.


*early voting   *automatic voter registration   *same-day registration   *online voter registration (increased fraud through hacking is assured)   *no-fault absentee balloting   *no voter ID required  ....and more


This is a blatant, unconstitutional attempt by the left to steal all future elections and implement single party rule!

Do you trust the Supreme Court to strike down this law given their cowardice in addressing blatant election fraud in 2020?


HR8, Gun Grab - The longtime dream of the left is gun confiscation. They are now attempting to do just that while they control the legislature and the executive branches, and while SCOTUS sits by with repulsive fecklessness.

Click HERE for a review by The Blaze. Click HERE for the actual bill.


*HR8 creates a national gun registry for ALL sales, even private, and even loaning a gun. ALL must be handled through a gun store! (When the Left decides to take your guns the registry will be helpful....) The only exemption is for protection from an "immediate threat" - Hint: If you can't define the exact time of that threat, it isn't "immediate".

*The same fees, paperwork, and permanent record-keeping apply as if you purchased a new gun.

*Loan a gun to a friend without gun store involvement, & the penalty is the same as fi you sold it to a violent felon.

* Your friend returns the gun to you - You'll need another trip to the gun store, or you've committed a felony.

(Are you getting the point here? Total tracing of all guns - again, gun confiscation is the ultimate goal at play.)

*HR8 passed the House with no hearing, no regular order, no meaningful input from Republicans (visit our Wall of Shame page to see which eight Republicans betrayed us by voting for this unconstitutional bill).

​Remember, YOU will be subject to a national gun registry if this bill passes the Senate, but criminals will NOT.


HR1446, Ten Day Waiting Period!

This bill gives government more time to delay your access to gun ownership. (The whole purpose of the three day waiting period was to LIMIT how long government can delay your second amendment right to own a gun.)

As with all gun laws from the left, this one only applies to law abiding citizens, not criminals.


HR1280 The "George Floyd Policing Act" aka The "Qualified Immunity" bill

This bill STRIPS qualified immunity protection from law enforcement. Just some of what's in this despicable legislation: 

·        Eliminate qualified immunity for law enforcement across the nation

·        Enable prosecution of law enforcement for split second decisions

·        Change Supreme Court standards for use of deadly force

·        Create a national database where law enforcement officers complaints are placed with no privacy controls.

molon labe.jpg

The Left's changes thus far. (Remember, Biden is the pupped, Obama is the Puppet Master.

Courtesy of Brietbart. Click HERE for the full article. (As of Feb 3, 2021)

The Soluton
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It's easy to become complacent. The LEFT counts on it. If you want your country back, you MUST get involved. Locally, at the state level, and federally. We can rid our country of Marxist idiology, but it takes courage, determination, and action. The choice is yours....

Choose wisely.

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