2022 US Candidates

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Eric Schmitt, MO AG,
Candidate for US Senate

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Mark Alford
Candidate for US House

Eric Schmitt
Candidate for US Senate

“Upon learning that the FBI intended to come to counties in Missouri to harvest individual concealed carry permit information in direct violation of state law, which explicitly prohibits the sharing of this information with ‘federal, state or private entities’. Schmitt sent a blistering letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray promising to fight him ‘tooth and nail with all the resources the people have given me as their Attorney General.’

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Mark Alford
Candidate for US House, 4th CD

"We stand at a critical juncture of the history of the United States of America, a distinct division of paths, and steep precipice of danger. The choices and decisions we soon make as a nation will determine which path we go down and whether we fall to our collective destruction or maintain the integrity and strength of our Union."

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